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Pump yourself up with the smoothie created by blending unique, healthy and nutritious fruits to provide natural better vitality other than deliciously unique taste. This smoothie packs lots of benefits for human body as it includes ginger as active ingredient which is a natural antibiotic with a good taste as well.

Ingredients: soy milk, labneh, baby spinach, banana, ginger, honey



Banana Ginger smoothie 295Approx Net Weight (grams) 133energy (calories) 3.60%Total Fat (DV%) 0.00%Saturated fat (DV%) 1.69 Polyunsaturated fat (grams) 0.76 Monounsaturated fat (grams) 0.40%Cholesterol (DV%) 7.76%Sodium (DV%) 13.90%Potassium (DV%) 9.15%Total Carbohydrate (DV%) 11.83%Dietary fiber (DV%) 16.32 Sugar (grams) 18.47%Protein (DV%) 23.14%Vitamin A (DV%) 26.48%Calcium (DV%) 14.40%Vitamin D (DV%) 97.00%Vitamin B-12 (DV%) 10.85%Vitamin C (DV%) 12.40%Iron (DV%) 19.93%Vitamin B-6 (DV%) 12.61%Magnesium (DV%)

Nutrition Information Version 2

Nutrition Elements Net Weight Energy Total Fat Saturated fat Polyunsaturated fat Monounsaturated fat Cholesterol Sodium Potassium Total Carbohydrate Dietary fiber Sugar Protein Vitamin A Calcium Vitamin D Vitamin B-12 Vitamin C Iron Vitamin B-6 Magnesium
Nutrition Values 295 133 3.60% 0.00% 1.69 0.76 0.40% 7.76% 13.90% 9.15% 11.83% 16.32 18.47% 23.14% 26.48% 14.40% 97.00% 10.85% 12.40% 19.93% 12.61%

Made fresh daily with…

Baby spinach


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